ghost walk

Our Ghost Walk takes visitors on a journey across dimensions and time to reveal the haunted buildings and ghosts of Sault Ste Marie.

One of the four ghosts who have mysteriously appeared on the tour was the subject of an article in the June – July 2012 issue of Lake Superior Magazine entitled “Ghost Walks Can Be Happily Haunting”.

“The mystery man is known in the town, believed to be a downtown resident spirit known as GIBS’ guy in business suit’.

“There have been dozens of sightings over the years” says Mike Hauk a veteran broadcast journalist who works at UP North Books. He has talked to many people who have gone on the ghost walk and knows the specifics of this encounter with GIBS. Mike says they have had numerous encounters during the walks including hearing voices. “That shouldn’t be surprising. There are very few building’s around Portage Avenue that don’t, have some sort of paranormal activity”

There have been so many EVENTS which occur on the lantern Light Ghost Walk, Wood Smoke Jim delivers a word of caution before each tour begins.

“I cannot promise you that we will see, hear or encounter a ghost or spirit. It will happen whether you are ready or not. If you cannot deal with the real possibility that it might happen, this walk is not for you. Things happen on this walk almost every night. If you are not ready to experience the unknown, then I invite you to step away and enjoy the Fudge Du Locke gift shop across the street. For those of you who are ready let us walk on”.

Please note:  Back by popular demand Ghost Walk  the night of  July 22  &  July  29, 2017.

We will meet at the east gate of the Soo Locks  at 9 pm

$10.00 for each person