Traverse City ghost walk


Come on our Ghost Walk,  downtown Traverse City.


8 p.m.

Starting  September 1,8,15 22 & 29 on Sunday nights and continuing

October 6, 7 , 8, 9 varying nights running through October 10.

October 10 is our very last walk of the season. If you want to walk with us to hear our frightening tales before Halloween 2019, this is your last chance.

Meet  outside the Bijou Theater in Clinch Park,181  East Grandview Parkway Traverse City Michigan 49684 .

This is an hour and a half guided, leisurely walk, where Wood Smoke Jim our Celtic Storyteller will tell you ghost stories. Our Ghost Walk takes visitors on a journey across dimensions and time to reveal the haunted tales of Grand Traverse Area.

We will delight you and  your guests by walking with you, at night, through Traverse City and tell you hauntingly scary tales we hope you will not soon forget. 


Mysterious ghostly tales will haunt you as you travel back to your homes, campers or hotels wondering if  "what can not be, could be????" Come and hear about a one armed lumberjack who is looking for his paycheck, or strange ghosts at the lighthouse, who sit in trees and beckon you to join them. 

Many ghost ships have been seen on the great lakes.

River Lark Mary will tell you  “All lighthouses are haunted”, so are the harbor cities. Traverse City is a harbor city. 

Wood Smoke delivers a word of caution before each tour begins.

“I cannot promise you that we will see, hear or encounter a Ghost or Spirit. It will happen whether you are ready or not. If you cannot deal with the real possibility that it might happen, this walk is not for you." 

If you know a good ghost story or prohibition story about Grand Traverse Area and are wiling to tell it to a charming Irish storyteller, 

please call Wood Smoke Jim. 906-440-5910. He is always willing to listen.

 Twilight Walking Tour present Ghost Walk Traverse City.

$10.00 for each person cash at event,or you may purchase your tickets on line at, for a small additional fee.  

 Dog friendly, family friendly, suggested for children 10 years old and up. Accessible walk .

 Dress for the weather.