About twilight walking tour

Twilight Walking Tour is a family owned business, designed to bring our guests entertainment, by storytelling and folk singing. We bring the past to the present with our stories of voyageurs, lumbermen, Native Americans, Strong Women of the North, animals, land, lighthouses and sometimes a ghost or a shipwreck story. We will include you in the fun with our musical instruments and props. We love Northern Michigan and we hope you will love it too. Our new adventure is Traverse City. Hope to see you there.

We are experienced bus, trolley or cruise ship guides.

We can entertain you at your event or we invite you to our walks in Northern Michigan. If you love history and fun you will love us.

Wood Smoke Jim & River Lark Mary

Wood Smoke Jim & River Lark Mary

meet the storytellers

Wood Smoke Jim

Wood Smoke Jim is a Celtic story teller in the tradition of his ancestors who left the fells, highlands and moors of Scotland, Ireland and Wales (In several cases “the leaving” was with the English in hot pursuit).

Inspired by the rich history of the Eastern Upper Peninsula and it’s people, he weaves tales that will be heard for another one hundred years round the campfires. He has been a trapper, police officer, and was International Corrections Officer of the Year in 1994.  He has been telling his stories as Wood Smoke Jim for since 2005.  He is most honored to be called Papa by his six amazing children, now grown, who inspire him everyday. He also loves being the husband of his beautiful Mary Elizabeth , River Lark Mary.

He is proud to be the grandfather of Frankie James Couling. He will be telling more delightful stories as a grandfather.

With a move to Traverse City, Twilight Walking Tour is investigating new stories and areas to present them in our classical family fun way. Wood Smoke is reading new books and meeting interesting people preparing for our new walks. If you have a great ghost story or prohibition story you would like to share with Wood Smoke , please call him or email him. 906-440-5910 jimcouling@yahoo.com

River Lark Mary

River Lark Mary is a strong woman of the North, having Celtic Roots. She uses her lilting, folk voice to compliment the love of her life’s’ magical stories. 

It is great fun for Mary to walk by Jim’s side, listening or perhaps telling her ‘wee bit’ of the story. She tells others that she has been on almost all the walking tours that Wood Smoke has done and she never tires of his stories.

Mary finds her six talented children inspirational, and is very proud to be their mom.

 Mary is proud to be a Grandmere, in the French tradition. She will be singing lullabies to Frankie James Couling, with the starting of a new generation of  Couling storyteller/singers.